World’s most awaiting Event The Rapture.
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World’s most awaiting Event The Rapture.


When we study the Bible, term Trinity and Rapture is not found anywhere, but Bible researchers normally practice the term Rapture to describe the coming of Jesus Christ for his precious ones in midair. However, term Rapture is not originated from the bible but teaching about the second coming of Christ is found ubiquitously in the Bible, and it is factual and authentic. 

The eternal promise which was given by Jesus Christ for those who have faith in him that he will come back to take his beloved ones. “The Same Son of the living God Jesus who is taken from you into most high will come again, in the same manner, you have seen him go into heaven“(Acts- 1:11)

The world which we are living in has witnessed several things.

  1. Falling of Babylon Kingdom Falling of Hanging Garden
  2. Two world wars Drowning of Titanic (etc…)

But rapture will be the seventh incident which is going to take place among God and the human race. The first six incidents which already taken place between God and human are

  • The flood at the time of Noah (Genesis 7:21)
  • Abolishing of Sodom and Gomorra (Genesis 18:20)
  • Departing of the Red Sea and crossing of 2 million Israelis people (Exodus 14:21)
  • 12 hour short in cosmological structure (Joshua 10:10,12)
  • The word became flesh (John 1:14)
  • The spirit of the Lord in a human body or earthly vessels. (2 Corinthians 5: 5-7)

The seventh incident will be Rapture. Those who have Holy Spirit as a deposit in them they will be taken up to heaven.


According to the biblical scripture, this world is categorized into seven Systems & Ages; this world is going to move from the fourth system to the fifth system. The present system in which we dwell is named as Dispensation of Grace or Grace Period. All the seven systems & Ages are


  • 1st System –           Pre-Adamic Universe
  • 2nd System –           Adamic Universe
  • 3rd System –           Cursed Universe
  • 4th System –           Post Flood Universe
  • 5th System –           Tribulation Universe
  • 6th System –           Millennium Kingdom
  • 7th System –           Eternal life in New Heaven & Earth


  • 1st AGE –             Dispensation of Innocence
  • 2nd AGE –           Dispensation of the Conscience
  • 3rd AGE –            Dispensation of Human Ruling
  • 4th AGE –            Dispensation of Promises
  • 5th AGE –            Dispensation of Law
  • 6th AGE –            Dispensation of Grace
  • 7th AGE –            Dispensation of Millennium

Which means the world is going to move to tribulation universe (A universe where God is not the ruler either the Satan will be the ruler) from Post-flood universe and dispensation of Grace or Grace Period is going to end. While we survey each Age, we can perceive major actions taken place in it.


  • 1st Age –           Adam and Eve were thrown out from Garden of Eden
  • 2nd Age –           Flood
  • 3rd Age –           Calling of Abraham
  • 4th Age –           20 Million people crossed the Red Sea, and the law was given.
  • 5th Age –           Christ Born in Bethlehem
  • 6th Age –           Rapture is going to take place
  • 7th Age –           Eternity (New Heaven and Earth)

When we gaze into the history of the world, five Major actions took place, and the sixth Action is awaiting i.e. Rapture.


  • The Affection, love & Grace of God to humankind is going to close.
  • World System is going to change.
  • The real church will disappear. (Mathew 16:18)
  • The preaching of Gospel will stop. (Mathew 24:14)
  • Salvation will be stopped. (2 Corinthians 6:2)
  • Christian Families will disappear
  • The Holy Spirit will be taken up to the heaven (2 Thessalonians 2:7)
  • Sin will Increase (Daniel 9:27)
  • World power will be cut off (Revelation 13:7)
  • Cosmic System will be changed (Revelation 6:2) (Daniel 7:24)
  • Anti-Christ will rule this world

This world is at its dead end, Only Jesus can save you from this, and he is coming for his loved one. ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST IN AIR?

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