Why not run behind wealth instead of Eternal Life?
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Why not run behind wealth instead of Eternal Life?


Everyone in the world wants Wealth and Fame, if we see in the bible starting from the Old Testament, there were people who were behind wealth and Fame. People wanted to capture others land and plunder their wealth. But were not knowing about the eternal life after death. There was no proof for Eternal life after death before Jesus Christ came on the earth. But let’s forget it and focus on the main topic.

Why Fame and Wealth are for a temporary Period?

I know many people whose status changed from poor to rich and rich to poor. In this world there is no one who can stay wealthier or poorer always, Wealth comes and go, and even fame comes and go. There were many Superstars who were famous, but time waits for no one, and I have seen superstars being replaced by the others.

Likewise, I am going to narrate a story from the Bible which will help you to understand that Fame and Health are really for a temporary period. I am going to talk about Saul and David, both of them were the kings of the Israel. As we all know that Saul was the first king and was famous for his people, people use chant in his praise “Saul has killed thousands.” But When Saul Disobeyed the God, God anointed David as the King. And Saul’s wealth and Fame were transferred by God to the David. Even there was a time When David became an Ordinary man when his son Absalom captured his Kingdom. However, he was able to retrieve his kingdom back. But this proves to me that Wealth and Fame are for temporary Period, so hope that you too understand the same.

People who got nothing at the end even after having Great Wealth and Fame:

There are many names in the list, but I will be telling few just to inspire.

Alexander the Great:

Alexander, the King, was able to conquer the almost whole of the world. But when he was about to die, he wanted to give a message to the world. Alexander asked his men to keep his arms out of the coffin, does give his message that although he conquered the world but he is taking nothing with him to the next world.

Steve Jobs:

Many of you know Steve Jobs because of Apple. He did many things his life, he was having a great wealth and fame but in his ends when he was ill, he said that “the sick bed is the costliest bed in the world” however his wealth and fame were not able to save him, and he carried nothing to next world with him.

Fame and wealth are important but less important than Eternal Life:

The wealth and fame are a part of the Bible from the beginning. God has provided wealth to his servants so that they could also live a prosperous life on the earth. But God promises to give more than that, and that is eternal life after death.


  • cyrus lubega December 4, 2015

    It’s true nothing can go with you when you die as the bible says in Psalms, Eccl 12;7 Time will come the body will return to the soils where it came from and the spirit will go back to God who gave it

  • Hi Sana,

    What a joy to be land here on this wonderful space today.
    The pages here are filled with lot of inspiring and thought provoking messages.
    Glad that i found this today.

    Yes, this is a timely reminder to all who that are running after fame and wealth..
    What is the use of gaining all those things and just for the time being, and losing
    the eternal gain! Yes, one need to think of that eternity nothing is more valuable than that.
    Gain it before you lose.

    The concluding paragraphs are really thought provoking,
    Indeed a great reminder to all who are running after fame and money
    Thanks Sana for sharing this to your readers
    I am really happy that i landed here today
    Keep writing.

    Keep informed.

    May God bless.

    ~Philip Ariel

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