Top 5 Online Bible reading sites and free apps
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Top 5 Online Bible reading sites and free apps

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There are many Sites available over the internet, where you can not only read the Bible but also learn the different topics from them. Now, a day’s people doesn’t carry their bible, what they simply do is carry their mobile phones or tabs.

Free Online Bible Reading:-

One can easily read the bible online or install an offline bible reading app for their mobile phone. The Bible Apps are available for all mobile operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Android. These Bible reading apps are not only available for Mobile phone but are also available for Desktops.

There are tons of sites on the internet which provides services of free online Bible reading. And I gathered some good sites which you people can use.

Bible Gateway: –

The bible Gateway Site provides the service of reading the bible online. One can easily read the bible by selecting the different version available on the site. Not only this, the site also provides the reading of the bible in various languages like Chinese, Nepali, Albanian, Serbian etc.

  • Provides verse of the day
  • App available for Apple and Android
  • Online Store
  • Audio

Bible Study Tools: –

One of the well-known website on the internet. Here one can get the suggestions for reading the bible. It provides many commentaries, history, authors, devotionals, concordances, dictionaries, library, sermons, and lexicons.

  • Provides verse of the day
  • Daily News Letter
  • Audio
  • Different versions of the Bible

Bible: –

It’s a free bible for your phone and computer. You can create an account to more features in the

  • Hundreds of Bible Versions and languages
  • Can Subscribe to bible Plan
  • App Available for Apple, Windows, Android, and Blackberry

The Holy Bible:-

Is the most easiest online Bible reading site. The site is available in different languages worldwide.

  • Pdf and Audio formats available for download
  • Scriptures and studies

King James Bible Online: –

Is another site which is easy to use. Have a KJV standard version and easy navigation. One can easily find things on the site.

  • One can ask questions about bible
  • Encourages comments
  • And provides testimonies.

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