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Hell and Heaven

hell and heaven

(Sheol) Hell and Heaven at all times have been an uncertain secrecy for the human race. Ever since decades human civilization is in explore of Hell and Heaven. Even though numerous religious conviction educates about the extinction of Hell and Heaven but the inquisitive human mind is incapable of absorbing the reality of their existence. According to the analysis done “for the faith in the extinction of Hell and Heaven,” it is found that people have dissimilar outlook concerning it. Some accept its true existence, some doubt & for this diverse believe they possess their own reason & view. Here are some reason and view originate in the analysis.

  • People state they have not seen Hell and Heaven in actual by themselves so they don’t consider.
  • A number of people declare Hell and Heaven is a fantasy story.
  • To maintain a man in the religious belief, a mixture of stories are prevalent on the subject of Hell and Heaven.
  • A small number of people say Hell and Heaven are on earth itself.
  • Different religious doctrines educate that it exists in the human corpse itself.
  • Several states it is a substance behind death so why they trouble while they are in this world.

While digging into the deepness of this subject, it develops into more clear statement that people do not have an apparent vision concerning the reality of Heaven and hell, but on the further end, fundamental base of human race i.e. religion educate visible on the fact of Hell and Heaven.

Each religion teaches an existence behind death, a life to be lived either in heaven or hell. But what is, in reality, happening after death? Is there any life after death? What happens when a human being departed the earth? These questions constantly have been a tightening worktable for the human race. These are always been an unanswered puzzle.

Ever since ages humankind believed in a life after the death. We can observe its evidence in Egyptian Pyramids & mummies. There is some belief that after death spirit changes its substantial body. The truth is unknown

However, on the other end the Holy Bible powerfully gives clear outlook concerning the existence of Hell and Heaven whereas other bodies lacking in same. The most significant formation by the almighty GOD ends with death! It is very hard to absorb this truth.

 Are humans formed for a heartbreaking ending like this? No. Holy bible powerfully teaches regarding a life after death. We will take profound lessons in relation to biblical information about life after death.


Holy bible sturdily teaches on the subject of an attractive and hopeful life after death. Death is not a Person’s last part, but the real rewarding life begins with death. The soul which indwells in this flesh vessel begins its voyage towards an everlasting life through death.

  • Those who trust in the holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the entire humankind & reside his worldly days in a holy manner will inherit to the everlasting realm of Jesus. ( John 3:16 )
  • Those who disregard the holy sacrifice of Jesus & live their life according to the worldly manner will go to hell for undying castigation. ( Romans 2:4-11)
  • Bible edifies that saving of mankind can only be happened, by the belief in the holy sacrifice of Calvary.(John 3:16, Romans 8:1)

While we overlook the biblical scriptures written above we came to a conclusion that bible powerfully teaches a life after death.


However, the bible teaches the topic of its authenticity, although it doesn’t teach where it is really situated? Conversely, in the bible, we are capable of obtaining a range of indications relating to its position.


According to the bible, it is located anywhere in cosmos higher than earth. numerous scriptures from bible throw radiance to it.

  • (Acts 1:9) “He was taken up
  • (Acts 2:33) Exalted to the right hand of the Lord”
  • (2 Corinthians 12:2) “14 years ago I was caught up
  • (2 Corinthians 21:9-11)“Holy city Jerusalem coming down from heaven”
  • (2 Corinthians 4:8) “When he ascended on high”

If we study verses mentioned here (taken up, Exalted, Caught up, Coming down, Ascended) we are able to draw closer to a conclusion that heaven is situated upper than earth. Exact place unknown.


While we examine the biblical scripture we move toward to a conclusion that hell is situated somewhere in the cosmos. Let’s look at some scriptures from the bible for its authentication.

  •  (Ephesians 4:9)He also descended to the lower”.
  •  (1 Peter 3:18,19)He went & preached to the spirits”.
  •  (Revelations 19:20,21)Thrown alive into the lake of sulfur”.
  •  (Revelations. 20:10,14,15)Thrown into the lake of fire”.

While understanding these verses it is understandable that the hell exists somewhere in this universe but its exact location is unknown. It can be a planet, may be the core of earth or may be any other star of this galaxy, where sulphur always burns to produce supreme heat so that all the souls which were not obedient can be punished for eternity.


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    i love the article

  • todd tomasella December 7, 2015

    Amen brother George. God bless you today!

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