What is a Nazarite?
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What is a Nazarite?

Samon nazarite

Bible explains clearly regarding what is a Nazarite?

Nazarite is a Hebrew word that comes from Nazir which means separated or consecrated person. Nazarites were ascetics who had taken a vow, or whose parents had taken a vow on their behalf.

Nazarite’s were the special persons who were chosen to give their lives for God. In the Bible (Numbers 6) clearly tell us about Nazarites life what to do or do not do? Firstly the Bible says Nazarite can be a man as well as a woman also. In (Numbers 6:2) says like this “Tell the Israelites this: if there are people, men or women, who want to make a vow dedicating themselves completely to the lord for a time, they will be called Nazarites. And in (Numbers 6:3-5) here God gave some rules for them which they must follow “He shall separate himself from wine and strong drink. He shall not drink vinegar of wine or vinegar of strong drink or liquor of grapes. He shall not eat ripe grapes or dried grapes. He shall eat nothing made of wine, from the kernels to the husk. He shall have no razor come upon his head during Nazariteship. He shall be holy. And he shall not be defiled for the dead even for father, mother, sister or brother. The free growth of hair on the heads of Nazarites represented the dedication of a person with his whole strength and power to the service of God. And in (Leviticus 21:10-15) “The high priest was chosen from among his brothers. The anointing oil was poured on his head. In this way, he was chosen for the special job of being a high priest. He was chosen to wear special clothes, so he must not do things to show his sadness in public. He must not let his hair grow wild. He must not tear his clothes. He must not make himself unclean by touching a dead body. He must not go near a dead body, even if it is his own father or mother. The high priest must not leave Gods holy place because he might become unclean and then make God’s holy place unclean. The anointing oil was poured on the high priest’s head. This separated him from the rest of the people. I am the Lord. The high priest must marry a woman who is a virgin. He must not marry a woman who had sexual relations with any man. He must not marry a prostitute, a divorced woman, or a widow. The high priest must marry a virgin from his own people. In the way, people will show respect for his children. I, the Lord, have separated the high priest for his special work.

Laws for Nazarite

After the time of dedication is ended, Nazarites must go to the entrance of the meeting tent. And give their offering to the Lord. Their offering must be: a one year old lamb that has nothing wrong with it for a burnt offering; a one year old female lamb that has nothing wrong with it for a sin offering; one ram that has nothing wrong with it for a fellowship offering; a basket of bread made without yeast bread made with fine flour mixed with oil and wafers with oil spread on top; and the grain offerings and drink offerings that are a part of these gifts.

Who were the Nazarites in the Bible?

In the Bible, we can see some Nazarites in the Old Testament like Samson and Samuel and in the New Testament John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

  1. Samson – (Judges 13:7) But he aforesaid to me, you are pregnant and will have a son. Don’t drink any wine or any kind of other strong drink. Don’t eat any food that’s unclean because he will be dedicated to God in a special way.
  2. Samuel – here Hannah takes a vow for a baby in (1 Samuel 1:11) She made a special promise to God and aforesaid, “Lord all powerful, you can see how sad I am. Remember not to forget me. If you will give me a son, I will give him unto you. He will be yours his whole life, and as a Nazirite, he will not drink any wine or strong drink, and no one will ever cut his hair.”
  3. John the Baptist – (Luke 7:33) “John the Baptizer came and did not eat the usual food or drink wine.

  4.   Jesus Christ – (Matthew 2:23) “He went to a town called Nazareth and lived there.

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