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Why pestilence and natural calamities occur to kill even innocent people If there is a living God?

living god

Mr. Bijith I am always giving all respect your question and trying to answer with a heart full of love to you and at the same time my creator God, not gods or religion, with the limitation of my language and knowledge. First, I don’t have an attraction to any religion just because human being creates it as politics. To understand the love and existence of God I want to tell you a story. A young child asked to his father “who are you?”. Father replied, ” I am your father.” The child continued, ” It is hard to believe.” Father never take him to the laboratory to prove his fathership. He simply smiled and answered, ” I ‘m caring you and loving you not to prove to you or to show somebody else, but just because you are my child.”

Again answer for that you asked why God is so cruel to few to kill and torture, made few sick still I’m unable to answer but the reason to believe that you have a question through that I got the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ to you. Jesus suffered on the cross for the remission of sins of you and me. The Same way one of your brothers worked in Airforce if you are curious to know about air force you can have an immediate answer to your doubts from him. Same way whenever I feel doubt on financial matters my first option is not Google, but I’ll call to My brother who is an experienced chartered accountant. Same way the blind are just because God loved us more to understand the value of sight with two beautiful eyes. Whenever I see, the Olympian without legs running with amputated legs. I got inspired to do more and more to my family to my nation is always a fact. Again if you feel it cruelty, then you think why we need a night that is the other side of the day to see stars. When daytime stars are hidden by the bright light of the sun. Some darkness in life is good to mold you and me. I learned more not in my winning days but when I was losing…I’m concluding like our knowledge is not complete, so you go on asking with your limited knowledge of unlimited God. He is the loving father he will never punish you… but he will answer you with a loving heart.. but you must listen with an open heart not with a brain…. because God chose the foolish like me to shame the wise and God chose the weak to shame the strong( Bible I Corinthians 1:27). The Wind we cannot see air or the wind but still, we can perceive through the influence that makes moving leaves… God Bless you, my dear brother. I love you pray for you…

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