Dreams And Visions According to The Bible
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Dreams And Visions According to The Bible

Dreams and visions

Someone once said, Sleep is the best meditation. Ever since the Human race began Dreams and visions perplexed the human minds and belief. Decades ago people used to think that those who have special power can have dreams and visions. In old times at King’s Palace fortune tellers and dream, interpreters used to get high salary and prize. Most people think Dreams and visions are same. Although aim behind both is same in reality dreams are different, and visions are different. Bible gives more clarity on this subject. When we invade the biblical scripture, we can see the difference in Dreams and visions.

What Bible Say’s About Dreams and Visions:

  • Joseph was a dreamer. He used to watch dreams when he sleeps. God talks to him by dreams. (Genes 37:5)
  • On the other hand, Daniel used to see the vision. God used to speak to him via vision.

By these two examples, we can simply classify dreams and visions into two categories.

DREAMS Explained

Dreams are divided into two classes:

  1. The first class was believed to be influenced by the present or the past
  2. The second class of dreams, on the other hand, was determinative of the future and in this
  • Direct Prophecies received in dreams
  • The foretelling of a future event
  • The symbolic dream, which requires interpretation

It is explicit that dreams can come by your past or present influences and from God to foretell you about the future event.

To learn about dreams we are going to study the life of Joseph. His brothers called him as a dreamer. In the book of Genesis, we saw him dreaming many times. The story begins.

One day Joseph had a dream, the dream was “Joseph and his brothers were binding sheaves of grain in the field. Suddenly Joseph’s sheaf rose and stood upright while his brother’s sheaves gathered around Joseph’s sheaf & bowed down to it”.

In his second dream, he saw “The sun, the moon, and eleven stars were bowing down to him” (Exodus: 37:6-10). The moral of this dream is Joseph father, His mother & his brothers are bowing down to him.

When Joseph had this dream, there was no chance of its completion because it was not viable for his father as well as the brother to bow down before Joseph.

But when God gives dream he won’t give it by looking into the present situation, but he looks into our future and past a dream. In short, God never gives a dream which will not accomplish in our life. His time and course will fulfill every dream provided by him.

Humans mind always classify the accomplishment of Heavenly dreams in human perspective but failing our minds God’s promise will see its victory.

Joseph shared this vision with his parents as well as brothers, but astonishingly their response was quite unusual. Joseph was expecting fair appreciation. But in return, they made fun of Joseph and tried to kill him. The only fault done by Joseph was that he shared his dreams.

By this we can understand, human minds and thinking can not understand God’s revelation. Maybe you too are suffering today by sharing your Vision? Maybe they are making fun of you may be they set you apart. Don’t be discouraged, disappointed. Wait for the God’s time. Dreams given by God will come to its fulfillment.

The second stage Joseph encountered was a cistern & slavery. He was sold to Egyptians, and in that land, he was thrown into the Jail where he suffered the wilderness of loneliness.

My dear fellows for a time God make you walk through the land of wilderness, sorrows, & pains but rejoice about it because you are about to reach your goal. The pain you are carrying today will be the victory of yours. God is going to make this world see the fulfillment of your dreams. He will be there at the finishing point to reward you hug you and say my kid “You have fought a good faith, you have finished your race, now the crown of glory is for you.”

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Finally, Joseph reached his destiny. His own fellas betrayed Joseph, but God accepted him and made him the Prime Minister of Egypt and that time his parents & brother bowed before him.

There is time appointed by God to fulfill every promise which he had made. Maybe it takes a long time to its fulfillment, perhaps everyone forsakes you because of your dreams and visions but don’t be sad.

If there is Alpha, then Omega is also there. As bible says

“That he who began excellent work in you all will carry it on to the completion until the day of our Jesus Christ” (Phillip 1:6)

Check our Next chapter only about Vision.

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