What is agape love in the Bible
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What is agape love in the Bible

what is agape love in the bible

What is Agape love in the Bible that is the first ever question comes to our mind? So, this is an effort of mine to explain what is Agape love in the Bible.

Agape as an unconditional love

 Agape is a Greek word which means love (unconditional love). The greatest love for mankind that God did. As there are four different types of loves, but Agape is the greatest love among the four types of love.  God incarnated in the flesh and shed his blood for every human on earth, and paid for our sins as he gave his life for his children’s. Agape can also be known as self-sacrifice love. Agape word is not mentioned in the Bible but, in (1 John 4:8, 9) says “The person who does not hold love do not know God because God is love. The love which God keeps with us has revealed through his Son because God sent his beloved Son to the world that we can live everlasting life through Jesus Christ.”(Romans 5:8) says “But God shows us the goodness of His love in this way that when we were sinners Jesus Christ died for us on the cross. So if we are righteous that because of his blood, If that is true then why we can’t be saved from God’s wrath through Jesus Christ? And in (Romans 5:5) says like this ‘’And hope does not get us embarrassed or ashamed; Because God’s love is inserted by the Holy Spirit in our hearts which is given to us.

Jesus loves everyone with Agape love and he tells every person to have agape love towards everyone and for this, we can read (John 13:34)  “I gave to you a new commandment, that you must love one each other, just as I loved you, that you also love each other”. And in (1 John 3:16) “Only by this, we know what is love, that Jesus Christ gives his life to us and we must also give our lives to others”.

What is Agape love in the Bible (as Christian feast)

Agape is also a feast of Christians here are some verses which prove this (Acts 2:42, 46) “And they all be educated by the apostles, to keep the company, to break bread and to pray. And they used to congregate in the temple with a single mind each day, and at home breaking bread, they used to eat food with the joy and heart”. In (1 Corinthians 11:24) “When He took the bread and break it and said, eat it this is my body, which is given to you. And always do that to remember me”. (2 Peter 2:13) “And they will be receiving the reward of the unrighteousness, as that count it a pleasure to revel in the day. These are stains and blemishes, They also rejoice in deception when they eat with you in your fellowship meal”. (Jude 12) “They eat with you in your love gathering, But they are like a rock which is hidden in the sea, And without fear, they are shepherding themselves. They are anhydrous clouds; whom the wind take away blow, They are fallen trees of autumn, which have died twice; and their roots are uprooted”.


  • Mohan Abraham April 21, 2015

    Jesus is God

  • Nelle January 12, 2018

    Hello! I have recognized a simple mistake in your scripture citation, instead of “1 Peter 2:13” , the correct reference is “2 Peter 2:13”. I understand it could be a simple error because you may have gotten the two books mixed up, I do that as well. Just a little mistake! Be Blessed.

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